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Earth Soma Counseling

Practicing reconnection with our bodies,

            each other, and the Earth

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted in a profoundly sick society." 

- J. Krishnamurti

Over the years, this quote has reemerged in my consciousness over and over again. Our measures for health are often, without question, defined by our capacity to fit our cultural concepts of success and expectations of adulthood: getting married, having children, buying a home, having a financially successful career, and receiving praise from those around us. But as we observe a world unravelling and in increasing distress, it's clear that these are not true measures of health. So, then what are? What does real health look like?

 As the world changes rapidly around us, we find ourselves facing issues like the climate crisis, environmental degradation, political tensions, and economic instability. Everyday social and cultural expectations show a deep level of disconnect from the reality of our changing world and its uncertain future. In times like these, it becomes revolutionary to reconnect to ourselves on the most intimate level and listen. 

I offer somatic facilitation to explore your emotions, beliefs, and unique personal relationship with our collective future, guided by the wisdom of your own body. Rather than trying to force change or insight, I'll help you be present to and curious about what's here for you around these issues, allowing every aspect of your experience to be seen and held exactly the way it is. By being curious about our stories and listening to our bodies, we can reconnect to our authentic selves and a genuine sense of empowerment based in the practice of being with ourselves as we are. In a world that profits from and perpetuates so much harm through the belief that we are fundamentally wrong or broken, nothing could be more radical. 





"Spiritual awakening is frequently described as a journey to the top of a mountain. In the process of discovering the awakened heart, the journey goes down, not up. It’s as if the mountain pointed toward the center of the earth instead of reaching into the sky. Instead of transcending the suffering of all creatures, we move toward the turbulence and doubt. We explore the reality and unpredictability of insecurity and pain, and we try not to push it away. If it takes years, if it takes lifetimes, we let it be as it is. At our own pace, without speed or aggression, we move down and down and down. With us move millions of others, our companions in awakening from fear. At the bottom we discover water, the healing water of bodhichitta. Right down there in the thick of things, we discover the love that will not die."


— Pema Chödrön


What the heck does "somatic" mean?

The word "somatic" means, "of, relating to, the body; physical." So "somatics" is "a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience." In this approach, the body's responses and felt experience are integrated into the conversation rather than engaging solely with our thoughts. 


There's an amazing bridge that connects our minds to all forms of life around us, literally right under our noses. That is bridge is our physical body.  

We'll explore the depths of your own inner wilderness with curiosity, compassion, and patience: noticing body sensations and movement, inquiring into beliefs and stories, witnessing and integrating memories, and allowing emotions to be felt. 

When we meet our authentic experience without trying to judge it or control it, but maintaining a sense of safety, naturally and slowly, profound shifts happen and we can see things differently. A deeper wisdom is allowed to emerge. 

This work is the process of embodiment, leaning into the deeper parts of our nervous system to allow our full, uninhibited self come into being.

Why somatic work? 
By working somatically, we are able to resolve the trauma and conditioning that created and maintains a disconnected society, thus reconnecting us to our authentic selves and the web of life from which we have dissociated.


I find "somatic inquiry", or asking the body questions, especially profound. A key element with somatic inquiry is curiosity. I ask questions, but I also maintain a stance of curious presence rather than control or fixing throughout the session, allowing deeper layers of emotion and belief to rise to the surface to be explored. What's really cool about it? Even without an agenda on my part, the truth reliably shines through, and what is untrue falls away.

Healing is a vehicle for evolution
It makes sense that the healing balm for the wounds inflicted by our culture would be defined by a way of being that isn't fostered or encouraged. By embodying unfaltering presence, curiosity, inclusivity, the willingness to allow ourselves to be exactly as we are, and engaging in deep listening to the intelligence expressed through our bodies, magical things can happen. 

This is the beautiful paradox of this approach: despite our urgency and screaming that we must change, the most efficient vehicle for reconnection, healing, and evolution is moving into this moment with the willingness to be with ourselves exactly as we are, and being curious about what shows up.

Here are some reasons why I think a somatic/somatic inquiry approach is necessary to address our emotions around these topics:


  • This approach is profoundly countercultural, and if we want real healing, real shifts, we need to try something different than what we've been doing. 

  • Reconnecting with our bodies is the revolutionary aspect of this countercultural approach. 

  • It facilitates more than good feelings, but the process itself gives us insight into our inner workings, facilitating a whole new way of relating to ourselves. 

  • I'll just be honest: I'm biased. My personal experience with this approach led me to incredible shifts in my direct perception and experience of my own body, as well as my perception of dynamics on bigger scales. It revolutionized my relationship to myself, others, and the natural world, and continues to do so.

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“Working with Kristy is a life-changing experience. I have full trust in her competence. With her I am in the best hands possible."

“The positive changes I’ve made in my life in just a short time are beyond noticeable."

"When Kristy began training in the Living Inquiries, I was struck by her deep willingness to look at every aspect of her own experience, including childhood trauma, shame, relationships and anxiety. Having been a trainer of this work for some years, I have seen time and again that those who immerse themselves fully are much more able to guide others into their own looking. The sessions I've had with Kristy have been profound, touching into the depths of myself, raw emotion and insight included. Her gentle holding of whatever emerges makes it possible to go into places it would be hard to access on my own. Most importantly, I feel safe in her hands, knowing that she will never judge me or my experience. I highly recommend her as a facilitator." 

- Fiona Robertson, Living Inquiries Senior Facilitator/Trainer

"Our session together was so special because I was really able to go so deeply into my emotional landscape around climate change with someone there not judging, not trying to make it better, just creating a safe space for me to experience and really encounter the emotions; getting outside permission and support to acknowledge and be with those emotions is something I have rarely come across. I appreciated having that space held in such a careful container.

I now feel such a sense of correctness when I connect with those emotions. It's so important we have these spaces and create the conditions for people to feel like they can explore emotions around climate change without getting overwhelmed and spiraling into depression as a result."

"I worked with Kristy during a very challenging time, when I faced my deepest trauma. I am really grateful for our sessions. She helped me look at my trauma in a way that felt very safe. I felt a lot of support from her, which allowed me to go deeper, stay with the intensity and slowly unravel things.Thank you, Kristy!" 

- A.T.

"I came to Kristy with a couple of things that had been bothering me. How she helped me pick the really hot topic got me straight to where I needed to be. She had me gently paying attention to a small flutter in my stomach. That unfolded into something like a film clip, with details I never knew I remembered. The bottom line was amazing: this deep, felt insight into how I was continuously trying to save myself, and why. When the session came to a natural close, to my surprise we had basically covered all of my starting issues. Kristy's gentle, knowing guidance and full acknowledgement of my experience, through laughter and tears, was exactly what I needed - what anyone needs as far as I'm concerned. This is a wonderful journey, and I'm thankful."

     - A.Z. 

"Thank you very much, it was just lovely to work with you; you create a very 'safe space' even over Zoom! The session was so helpful; I feel inspired to see that maybe I'm not as lost as I had thought I was!"