Somatic Therapy for Eco/Political distress:   

 A match made in your body

Why somatic work? 
By working somatically, we are able to resolve the trauma and conditioning that created and maintains a disconnected society, thus reconnecting us to our authentic selves and the web of life from which we have dissociated.


I find "somatic inquiry", or asking the body questions, especially profound. A key element with somatic inquiry is curiosity. I ask questions, but I also maintain a stance of curious presence rather than control or fixing throughout the session, allowing deeper layers of emotion and belief to rise to the surface to be explored. What's really cool about it? The truth naturally and reliably shines through, and what is untrue falls away.

Healing is a vehicle for evolution
In Western society, we aren't encouraged to take time and feel our bodies, identify our emotions, or know how our nervous system works, much less trust it. So it isn't surprising the healing balm for ourselves and our world lies in reconnecting with our bodies. By embodying unfaltering presence, curiosity, inclusivity, the willingness to allow ourselves to be exactly as we are, and engaging in deep listening to the intelligence expressed through our bodies, magical things can happen. 

This is the beautiful paradox of this approach: despite our urgency and screaming that we must change, the most efficient vehicle for reconnection, healing, and evolution is moving into this moment with the willingness to be with ourselves exactly as we are, and being curious about what shows up.

Here are some reasons why I think a somatic/somatic inquiry approach is necessary to address our emotions around these topics:


  • This approach is profoundly countercultural, and if we want real healing, real shifts, we need to try something different than what we've been doing. 

  • Reconnecting with our bodies is the revolutionary aspect of this countercultural approach. 

  • It facilitates more than good feelings, but the process itself gives us insight into our inner workings, facilitating a whole new way of relating to ourselves. 

  • I'll just be honest: I'm biased. My personal experience with this approach led me to incredible shifts in my direct perception and experience of my own body, as well as my perception of dynamics on bigger scales. It revolutionized my relationship to myself, others, and the natural world, and continues to do so.