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Services and rates

I work primarily online via video technology. 

Read about the risks and benefits of working with a therapist or facilitator online here

Notice of licensure restrictions:

Please note that if you are a resident of Wyoming, I can work with you as your therapist. 

If you reside within or outside Wyoming, I can support you as a Living Inquiries facilitator. 

My responsibilities and capacities under each title are distinct. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss this distinction and what's the right fit for you based on your location. 

The Living Inquiries is a facilitation method that utilizes mindfulness and curiosity to explore body sensations and thoughts as they arise in the present moment. I'll patiently and compassionately help you explore the emotions and inner stories that accompany the issue of your choosing. What makes this approach so beautiful is the way it fundamentally challenges one of the universal beliefs perpetuated by nearly every aspect of our society: that there is something wrong with us and with life. In being with what we believe to be wrong with gentle curiosity and presence, what unfolds can be truly transformative.


Sessions are typically between 60 and 90 minutes to allow adequate time for inquiry. I incorporate this approach in therapy sessions for Wyoming residents, as well as offer strict facilitation for out-of-state residents.

In the process of working together, it's likely that we'll identify a history of trauma. We can become traumatized when we have an experience that overwhelms our nervous system's ability to cope. This may be a major event, like an accident, or an emotionally overwhelming experience as a child. EMDR is a scientifically-backed approach to treating trauma, whether that be a recent traumatic event, traumatic experiences in adulthood, or early childhood trauma.


I've received basic training to provide EMDR through a certified EMDR International Association trainer. These sessions can be up 90 minutes to provide adequate time for processing. EMDR is available only for individuals in Wyoming.

My practice is based on the belief that we all deserve emotional support, healing, and peace of mind regardless of race, gender, income, orientation, or background. I ask you to join me in embodying this belief and supporting those who seek access to these services, but are otherwise not able to afford it.

I offer a wide sliding scale based on income, my current availability, and whether I'm working with you as a therapist or facilitator. Rates range from $75 to $190 to support clients from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. If you are genuinely unable to pay within this range, please let me know and we can discuss the possibility of a more affordable option. 


I do not ask for proof of income, but trust each client's willingness to participate in a system that benefits those they will likely never meet for the good of the whole. 

Residents of Wyoming: 

If I'm working with you a therapist, know that I do not take insurance directly, but am happy to provide an invoice for services rendered to submit for reimbursement.